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Attention to customer needs and attention to detail from design to execution are some of the cornerstones of our practice, as well as constant research in the fields of architecture and construction.

ÁBATON was established in 1998 by architects Camino Alonso and Ignacio Lechón and industrial engineer Carlos Alonso.
The original purpose of the company was to develop carefully planned architectural and housing projects with a strong commitment to design and quality of the final product.

Since ÁBATON was established, Camino Alonso has been the Creative Director, implementing a unique style based on the design of efficient, simple and, above all, human spaces linked to the environment and with a special concern for nature.

ÁBATON is fully aware of the footprint that building generates in the environment and their goal is to minimise that footprint as far as possible: their construction projects are designed to include low environmental impact materials that are ecological, easily recyclable and affordable.

To date, ÁBATON has completed about 200 projects (housing, hotels, offices, restaurants) and has renovated more than 80 homes in Spain and abroad. Their work has been published in architecture journals in more than 80 countries.



ABATON Arquitectura

Calle Ciudad Real 28, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (SPAIN)
Tel. +34 91 3521616
Fax +34 91 7158083

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