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My design does not seek followers, it seeks lovers.

Alvin Grassi, owner of the homonymous design studio, was born in Cesena and graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence.

After working in fashion industry (he has collaborated with various fashion designers), public relations and fine arts, he has approached to interior design and especially to hotel design, conceiving and refurbishing six hotels in only seven years.

An “Enlightened Visionary”, this is how Marie Claire Maison Italia defined him in July 2008. The style of his creations is the result of the merger of classic elements with contemporary trends.

Alving Grassi is also Art Director for some leading brands in the field of luxury Italian product design. Roberto Cavalli Home, Gianfranco Ferrè Home, Santo Passaia, Visionnaire are only some of his customers.

“Our ideal home often plays with measures and proportions. A good design is not only a question of colours, floors or accessories. If the space is not well designed, no furnishing – doesn’t matter how expensive it could be – will be able to improve it. This is the main difference between interior design and simple decoration. Our understanding of the luxury and elegance stays in the constant balance between contemporary taste and respect for the past. An ancient farm, an old manor house or a noble palace can turn into a cozy space, a luxury hotel or a small ‘maison d’hôtes’. Our mission? Creativity means to study thoroughly a project with a particular concern for the space and functionality, preparing the ground for the creation of welcoming, comfortable and balanced environments.”



Alvin Grassi™ Design Studio

Viale Monte Nero 55
20135 Milano ITALY
+39 02 92881906

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