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‘Interior’ means more inner, rather than internal.
To furnish a space has to do with a state of mind, it is like a spirit that enters taking up residence.

Industrial, Interior and Exhibit designer.

The work of Roberto Garbugli can be seen from different angles.
Different projects drawn by the same hand, that accepts every challenge freely and happily.
Freely, because Garbugli is an outsider who hates cloned and replicated trends.
Happily, because from his eccentric design shines the lightness of those who know their job well.

Roberto Garbugli is greedy for new goals.
Every material, every innovation that knocks on his door is received with curiosity, to be experienced and maybe applied in other contexts.
In music, this approach is called fusion.
In Roberto Garbugli’s studio – a young laboratory of ideas – it’s called good energy.
The only one able to hit the mark.



Roberto Garbugli Designer

Via Del Carso 31, 61121 Pesaro (ITALY)
Tel. +39 0721 400375

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