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Contemporary Attic-tude


Photos: ©Luca Brunelli

A few hundred meters from the historic city of Cesena, architect Anna Iuliano has signed the renovation of a ‘70s private attic.

Air, light, water, wood. These are the main characters of the intervention that focuses on the new heart of the house: the patio-garden.

The customers’ requests were clear. They wanted a minimal home, but also warm and made of natural materials. A contemporary space designed in every single detail from the inside out. In terms of the distribution, the prerogative was to eliminate the concept of room in favour of the concept of environment, so as to obtain a homogeneous open space that could be divided into more intimate areas through the use of mobile partitions, depending upon the level of privacy desired.

The atmosphere is defined by a few elements, the dominant colors are white and shades of gray, in addition to the natural tones of wood, stone and plants.

Upon customers request, the interiors have been entirely designed by the architect, who also realised bespoke pieces of minimal furniture using fine materials such as nubuck, gray oak, glass and steel.

The only standard furnishings are armchairs, sofas and tables by historic brands (like Manutti, Cantori, Flos), some Rosenthal porcelains and a sculpture by Antonio Sciortino. Great care has also been given to the lighting: recessed spotlights were installed inside the white-painted wooden counter-ceiling and inside the patio steps; under the decorative shelf, LED strips diffuse a soft indirect light.

The attic is accessible by a white oak staircase with a glass railing and includes an indoor dining room, a large semi-opened living area and an outdoor garden patio.

The indoor space is characterised by a padded bespoke majestic sofa upholstered with nubuck leather, a materic wall and a long gray oak shelf. It also includes a dining area occupied by a bold white table designed by the architect and surrounded by elegant contemporary chairs.

The large living area – that acts as a filter between the inside and the outside – is decorated with large modular sofas with a steel structure.

The outdoor space is transformed into a solarium equipped with a Teuco mini-pool perched on a picturesque flight of steps and topped by three stainless steel elements containing lights and shower heads. A dwarf olive tree adds a note of calm and tranquillity, typical of Zen gardens.

The patio is surrounded by staved panels that conceal a small closet and by high and low planters adorned with a stainless steel frame that recalls the shower elements and the control knobs.


1. semi-opened living area
2. outdoor garden patio

Even at night, after dark, the atmosphere is really impressive. The wall lamps and the white lanterns illuminate the surfaces with soft light, creating a relaxing and contemplative chromotherapy.

The result is a sophisticated but comfortable atmosphere, according to the taste of the clients.

Terrace before and during the intervention:

Anna Iuliano

“… I love the textures, the yarns, the nuances, the scent of crayons, to compose and to create balance and to give character and personality to things.”

Graduated with honours in architecture in 2005 and Masters degree at the Politecnico of Milan in 2007, architect Anna Iuliano explores different fields, ranging from architecture to interior design, from product design to art direction.

Anna has also worked for renowned Italian furniture companies.

“… In my work I always take inspiration from nature as a “successful collection”, a landmark where each piece is fully inserted and nothing is out of place.”


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