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DOM Edizioni

When even furniture has a soul to it

The design, first of all. As a vital breath. An inseparable pencil with a soft tip follows his gestures. What he buys more often during his journeys are sketchbooks. Even if, after all, a simple slip of paper, the back of an envelope or any other white surface are enough for him to represent, within that space, an idea. Domenico Mula “sees” by drawing. With the talent of whom, with a few strokes, materializes ideas (be it objects or whole fittings) having already the perception of the finished result.

“The design is something that springs up inside yourself, then it is fixed on the paper becoming at the same time mental projection”, he says. To the many types of software that predefine ideas, he prefers still the “old” lead by Faber Castell, to sharpen by hand.

From one of his ideas has been conceived the DOM Home Philosophy, in order to create a style whose roots get from Domenico Mula’s passion for interior design, of which he is an established trends forerunner. A careful attention paid to details, coupled with the refinement of all of his projects, completes the criteria of his unmistakable philosophy. That may be summed up with three words which have a literary reminiscence: luxury, calm and voluptuousness, paraphrasing Baudelaire.

Italy, the world craftsman

DOM Edizioni, society created in 2006, realizes fittings for homes, yachts and luxurious hotels (the latest creation is the prestigious Golf Resort situated in Argentario) expressing mainly three concepts: the creative fit of Domenico Mula matched with the scrupulous object study, even beginning from the historical origins of the worldwide design, with archive researches that bring new lymph to the ideational and production process. The valorisation of the skill and knowledge of the craftsmen he works with, checking every manufacturing stage. An essential requisite: all parts are 100% made in Italy, that means an object conceived and made in Italy, by Italian hands, which are used to think according to a very high quality standard.

“A chair, a table, are of course the outcome of design, but it is all the same sure and important that the craftsman, in the manufacturing stages, gives his own contribution. I spend many hours with the craftsmen: from them I learn always something useful for my workIt is very satisfactory to manufacture well and make any product a unique piece”. 

And thinking aloud, Domenico Mula ponders the value of his own experience as a designer and a businessman declaring: “We, the Italians, must become again the world craftsmen, open again the workshops here. We have a knowledge that no other country has all over the world”.

Via Mura Porta Santa Maria 4
47521 Cesena FC
Phone +39 0547 28362

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