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The Marseilles Docks: body, emotions, and awe

Project: 5+1AA Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Peluffo Agenzia di Architettura srl

Settlement context:
 Urban regeneration

Intended use: Shopping centre

Category of intervention:

Construction technique: Traditional

Photos: Luc Boegly

Every major city has buildings that can be defined as heroic for their size and visual impact, for having been built in distant times or places, for having been many things – machines, devices, limits, places – and, more importantly, for still being here.
This dimension, which we consider heroic, can be found only in very few buildings and, in particular, in buildings that experience a strong contrast between their bodies and souls.
We wanted to create an interaction with the body and soul of the Marseilles Docks.
We approached the Docks in the same way as you approach a discovery. A mystery that has always been there revealed by a new identity according to other natures, relations, and intimacy.
Today, the building is a physical limit in the relationship between East and West, i.e. between the new contemporary city and the sea and horizon, and in the relationship between North and South, i.e. the future city and the historical centre of Marseilles.
As a geographic and social landmark, the Marseilles Docks must serve as a filter, as the meeting place par excellence to rediscover the various souls of this ever-changing Mediterranean city in its journey towards its future.
Through this project, we have asked a few questions to the building.

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