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JULIO, interior canopies

Suspended dividers JULIO were born of a desire to create a woven design on the architectural level.

Vegetal and kinetic hybrids, these woven forms invite composition and superimposition. Vibrations and shadow games unfold as the elements crisscross each other. Canopies of wood or paper, this first collection asks to be expanded into other materials, creating even more surprising and evocative ambiances.

The first JULIO mobile partition was conceived for and presented at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, on the occasion of the “Conversations” exhibit in May 2014 commissioned by Dominique Gagneux and Françoise Seince.

All the pieces are custom designed and created. Reproduction is limited to eight pieces.


JULIO mobiles are hand-woven.
A blend of digital (laser-cutting) and artisanal (weaving) techniques. Available in various sizes, forms and materials to create very different ambiances.
Each ellipse is assembled piece by piece and woven on a loom in a rising-descending manner which creates a hypnotic optical game of shadows.

Luce Couillet – Artist and textile designer

Born in 1985. Lives and works in Aubervilliers.
Starting with product-design studies at ESAD in Reims (France), Luce Couillet then focused on textile creation at ENSCI in Paris.

Specialized in material, fabric and textile product creation, she held an Ateliers de Paris residency, opening her own research workshop in 2011 after working with the Swiss studio Création Baumann.

In her workshop she explores a vast range of fibers selected for both their technical and aesthetic aspects. Impassioned by innovation and “low-tech” R&D, artisanal weaving techniques allow her to compose an evolving, experimental materials library which is made available to various sectors including high fashion, interior architecture, sports and medical uses.

In 2012, her work was awarded the Grand Prix de la Création de la ville de Paris for design.

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