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Casamania, the group is its strength


Casamania participated in the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2016 with an integrated collection, developing ideas and products of partner company Gruppo Frezza, which is specialized in the production of furnishings for the home, office and communal spaces.

Casamania offers organic and transversal style choices for the  home,  office and  contract spaces. The furnishing world has changed with respect to the rhythms of daily life and work: the home becomes a studio, and the office becomes more of a home. Casamania presents a coherent and diversified collection for interiors and exteriors, offering cross-contexts with a taste and style that has always distinguished it. Office seating becomes comfortable solutions for the modern home, where  the separation between spaces is always less defined. Welcoming areas of public spaces often require a domestic aspect. Offices tend to recreate warm and stimulating environments, rather that aseptic and impersonal.

Today, home must include practical spaces dedicated to work outside of the office.

Elis Doimo, Artistic Director of Casamania, interprets the office as a vital place: “It is necessary to create different areas and environments through open structures, common areas and flexible spaces. These allow different forms of work, where people, often sitting less, work in teams. Well furnished and comfortable environments contribute to the success of the company. Functionality, quality and aesthetic value make people more motivated and increase their capacity to work in efficient ways.”

Casamania participated in the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2016 with its own collections, the ALPLUS table from Frezza, and Flamingo and Karl furnishing accessories from Emmegi. With a view towards openness and flexibility, they also presented Lofoten, designed by Luca Nichetto. The original concept of the project comes from is its namesake Norwegian archipelago, where individual elements come together, creating a whole. Lofoten comes together in the same way. It is a furnishing system that includes upholstered seating and backrests, tables and furnishing accessories. Single elements with soft forms, once combined, give life to completed, aesthetically compact and modular spaces that can be adapted to the needs of the environment and the situation.

ALPLUS, table

ALPLUS is the table designed by Marco Zito for Casamania. It is characterized by simple and balanced lines. The juxtaposition of its two materials – aluminum frame and slats in teak that form the tabletop – make it ideal also for outdoor use.

Materials and finishes

Structure: aluminum and die cast aluminum.
Top: teak.


W. 120/140/160/180/200/240 cm
D. 90 cm
H. 75,5 cm

LILY, modular and adjustable service table

Lily is a coffee table designed by Marc Thorpe for Casamania, with a black painted metal bar base, available in two versions: one with upholstered table trey, and one in solid wood.

The concept of customization is the main feature of the project: in the first version, the table tray – in multilayer composite of wood and rubber – is upholstered with a fabric, so it can be used as a footrest. The collection is completed by solid wood trays. In the wooden version, the tray is made of solid oak wood (natural or painted walnut) six centimeters thick: this way you will have a table much taller than the upholstered version, essential, with no trays.

In 2016, a marble version was included.

Materials and finishes for marble version

Structure: painted metal.
Top: white Carrara Gioia marble, brown Emperador Dark marble, black Marquina marble, or green Guatemala marble.

Dimensions for marble version

W. 115 cm – D. 70 cm – H. 29 cm/18 cm
W. 50 cm – D. 34 cm – H. 45 cm

LOFOTEN, modular upholstered system

The original concept of Lofoten  comes from the Norwegian archipelago of the same name: single elements unite to create a whole. The new system, designed by Luca Nichetto for Casamania, comes together in the same way: a furnishing system that includes upholstered seats and backrests, tables and furnishing accessories.

A series of modules with soft forms come together to give life to a complete, aesthetically uniform and customizable space according to the needs of the environment and situation. The system permits the insertion of dividers to create separate and distinct environments, while guaranteeing acoustic control.

Materials and finishes

Structure: wood, mdf and metal.
Cushions: high density polyurethane.
Upholstery: removable fabric covers.


W. 120 cm – D. 98 cm – H. 36 cm
W. 137 cm – D. 98 cm – H. 36 cm
W. 180 cm – D. 79 cm – H. 36 cm

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