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Inda’s new Design Experience

The Samo Industries Group joined the digital world this year with an ambitious project devoted to promotion of the Customer Experience of its Inda brand, through a new multichannel strategy and the launch of an application based on augmented reality.

Focusing on technological innovation and the continuous changes of the market’s needs, the Samo Industries Group has launched a five-year plan of investments in support of the digital transformation, integrating its offline and online advertising and designing a Customer Journey, devoted to the end-user and to the trade world, for an unprecedented experience of Inda products.

Inda has created an important digital hub, consisting of a mobile-friendly website rich in information and news, a constantly updated company page on Facebook, and a YouTube channel with videos relative to the world of bathroom design. A new logic also makes it possible to intercept the consumers wherever they are, thanks to effective campaign content and advertising. Inda has also developed a number of activities connected with public relations through blogs and digital PR with specialized designers to provide valuable support to the clientele. These days, consumers are more informed and attentive than ever to what they buy, and after making purchases they are often willing to provide detailed feedback. With its initiatives, Inda becomes a partner in the user’s decisional process, creating an informed, loyal community.



More news is that Inda launched PLAY INDA in digital stores at the beginning of 2016. This is an interactive application of augmented reality, which is offered as a privileged solution to improve awareness of the new furniture products, like the collections Progetto+, Perfetto+ and Qamar, and involve the user in the exploration of an innovative dimension of bathroom design. Inda makes available to its clientele the possibility to choose from a wide variety of products, finishes and colors, by overlapping real and virtual elements so as to design a trendy, customized bathroom environment.

Available for operating systems iOS and Android, PLAY INDA is presented as a fundamental element in a Customer Journey, that will enable the user to benefit from offline content (catalogues, brochures, showroom) as well as online content (apps, website, social networks).

Samo Industries Group, leader in the bathroom design sector, confirms its commitment to innovation and its readiness to satisfy the needs of the clientele, offering the end-user an incomparable Design Experience.


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