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Mosaics as part of a greater design concept


Mosaics as material for a project: a combination of art and tradition, manual skills and technology is transformed and renewed through a modern design in line with the latest living trends. Each space becomes personal and unique thanks to materials and decorations that transform all the appeal of a technique as old as it is extraordinary modern, in a state-of-the-art research of surfaces and interior design, able to inspire material, tactile and creative feelings.
The mosaic is part of a larger composition concept: an assortment of colours, objects, combined materials, decorations in different shapes make it the centrepiece of a new concept of interior design.
At Cersaie 2016, Mosaico+ displays part of its collections using 3D moodboards which combine the beauty and fixedness of the mosaic with the polyhedral world of projects. A captivating and unusual idea of “work in progress”, which displays the designer’s way of comparing on a wall the draft results of a coordinated and reasoned research on colour choices, surfaces and finishing features. A composition where the main mosaic is combined with other materials, objects, textures, mosaic samples or images displaying the designer’s research and inspiration in the creation process of a personal style concept: an intriguing way of communicating the interactivity of Mosaico+ with architecture and interior design through tailored solutions.

The stand is deliberately plain and simple: in conceptual terms, it represents the space made available to the architect, a construction in the making. The choice of materials is inspired by bare cement plasters and the steel cages filled with stones used on construction sites for building the foundations of a house. 
Each room and space is built and displayed following a unique and personal idea, which finds its roots in memories of that artistic tradition characteristic of Italian culture, and places it in new “habitats” combining it with modern materials, following different styles and trends. A selection of original and creative solutions tailored to customer needs and suitable for giving character to residential and commercial settings: “Shape your style” sums up the true soul of Mosaico+, meaning a complete range of materials and colours, rich in solutions in line with the latest trends in home design, customisable and made-to-measure.

In this variety of solutions increasingly contaminated by experience and by a “gathering” idea which blends the old and the new, our memories and our everyday objects, the mosaic represents a new material to give originality to any space, using both the techniques of hand-made artistic mosaics and industrial computerised mosaics. They both use small chips of different shapes and materials to create extraordinary solutions, which render the mosaic a prestigious interior design feature, or the architectonic element that stands out in modern projects. Thanks to all this, Mosaico+ guides architects in the choice of the mosaic best suited to their requirements and assists them in every phase of the project, from the choice of raw material to the coordination of decorative compositions, whole-colour materials to complete the installation and the selection of the most suitable grouts and adhesives for use during laying.

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