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Decobel – interior textiles

The customer-oriented philosophy of Decobel textiles

Montemurlo (Prato), August 2016 – The Tuscan company Decobel epitomises the genuine Italian craftsmanship worldwide and provides customers with an insuperable  consumer experience, by engaging them in the production process of textiles and allowing them to reach out and touch the excellent quality of the workmanship, offering an endless variety of solutions in terms of both materials and colours. The conscious adoption of this approach allows to offer users a series of resources that help them to appreciate and learn more about textiles for the furnishing sector and to feel part of the designer tailoring process behind them.

One such traditional resource is the colour charts, containing samples of the wide variety of fabrics offered: padded fabric, velvet, silk damask, wool, leather and three-dimensional fabric. The colour charts binder, exclusively designed by Decobel , groups the fabrics into categories according to type, thus making consultation easier.

For customers who wish to see a larger sample of the cloth, Decobel  also provides a larger, hemmed piece on a banner , as well as a swatch  with a raw edge. Both are always accompanied by a long vertical strip of samples illustrating the entire range of colours in which a particular fabric is available.

In order to assist customers in creating a delightful, smoothly synchronised mood throughout their home, Decobel has created the sample book , featuring a series of fabrics coordinated according to material textures and shades of colour. This offers an invaluable resource for painstakingly designing furnishing solutions by combining finishes and colours to shape an exceptionally sophisticated living style.

Our desire to offer effective means of communication has given rise to the Decobel Quality Book , which illustrates the history and the industrial and manufacturing processes that have shaped the textile sector, as well as explaining the specific material qualities of each fabric, from natural fibres of plant origin to artificial, synthetic fibres. The Quality Book  highlights the enduring relationship the company from Prato seeks to maintain with its workers and customers, founded upon an ethical industrial policy able to make the best of the Italian craftsmanship tradition

Despite modern mechanisation methods and the technical precision of modern industries, it is the expertise of the craftsman that brings the finishing touch to a textile product every time, transmitting an emotion through his fingertips”, says Gabriele GuidoniArt Director of Decobel. “For years now, we have been coming up with sophisticated solutions with a strong identity, able to reveal the extent to which a product quality is rooted in a profound knowledge of the sector, a workforce with a painstaking approach and the use of just the right tools”.

This customer-oriented philosophy derives from an innovative concept that meets the needs of both the residential and contract-hotellerie sector.

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