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Memories in Motion


The death of Tazio Nuvolari, on 11th of August 1953, touched all the World. Particularly it moved the men of the “Mille Miglia”, Renzo Castagneto, Aymo Maggi and Giovanni Canestrini, who, with Franco Mazzotti, deceased during the World War II, invented and organised “the most beautiful race in the world”.

Castagneto, “deus ex machina” of the “Mille Miglia” race and his friends felt an affection towards the Mantuan pilot, not only for the respect and consideration that they had about this great man and champion, but also for their deep gratefulness, because he contributed a lot to the unrestrainable growing of their creature.

To honor his memory, the traditional itinerary of the Mille Miglia was changed in order to make it pass through Mantua. Since then, the “Gran Premio Nuvolari” was established in order to award the fastest pilot on the route along the impressive straight roads which cross the Po river valley, starting from Cremona, passing through Mantova, to the finish line in Brescia.

Apart from the four historical editions held from 1954 to 1957, today we count 24 commemorations of the ‘Gran Premio Nuvolari’. The formula is an international rally reserved to historical cars. From 1991, the founding members of the Mantova Corse, Luca Bergamaschi, Marco Marani, Fabio Novelli and Claudio Rossi continue the same mission as the founding fathers of the ‘Mille Miglia’. The goal is the same: to give the possibility to new generation pilots to challenge themselves on cars that wrote the history of those days, paying tribute to the greatest, bravest, most audacious of their predecessors: Tazio Nuvolari.

The event of 2015 introduces the “two seas” formula, with a first stage starting from Mantua through the Appenines up to Versilia on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The second stage starts from the Tyrrhenian Sea, passing through the beauties of Tuscany, Umbria and Marche, arriving at Rimini on the Adriatic Sea. The third stage starts from Rimini, passing through the cities of Emilia Romagna district and arrives at Mantua, the native city of Tazio Nuvolari. It is an itinerary of 1000 km between the beauties of Italy; a union of history, passion, tradition and exclusive hospitality.

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