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Treasures of India

Royal Gems and Arts

Keepers of the Royal Treasure, the Choudharys, have been connected with kings and kingmakers for centuries. They are one of the earliest families of prominence who were first to shift with the Kachhawa rulers from Dausa to Amer and finally settled down in the walled city of Jaipur in 1727. This was the time when Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the founder of Jaipur, was shifting his capital from Amber to Jaipur. The family patriarch Choudhary Kushal Singh, a well known banker, was invited by the Maharaja to reside next to the city palace. The exquisite, age-long and far-famed craftsmanship of gems and jewels is the hallmark of this legacy. Being considered as masters in finance and administrative matters, the Choudharys were minting coins by the order of the royal authority. Apart from being important players in the court, their penchant for creativity and fine artistic craftsmanship earned the Choudhary family a place of legendry distinction in the realm of gems and jewellery. The Choudharys have been closely associated with the royals and nobles and their present day descendants.

‘Royal Gems and Arts’ is situated in an ancestral Haveli. Its beauty offers eye-catching colourful glimpses of the medieval Rajput paintings in the form of intricate frescoes on the walls and ceiling of the building. It is like a small museum in its colonnaded sanctum along with a vivid array of the glittering gems and jewels. The family collection and jewels give an alluring picture of the heritage of the Choudhary family. The Haveli is a treasure-chest for gems and jewellery collectors visiting India and Jaipur; a destination-place that city visitors cannot afford to miss.

The incessant pursuit of completion has led Santi Choudhari, along with his spouse Shobha and a well-staffed team of gems artists, to ardently devote precious time in traversing novel frontiers in this genre of arts. Decades of treasuring the experience of handling, caressing and sharing the feeling of the gemstones are atomized into the moments when these artists turn precious stones into a living beauty. Their designs show remarkable confluence of oriental heritage and modernity of the west. Their jewels display a magical balance between the high value of gemstones and the fluidity of forms, the sober matching of colours and the grace of intricate details. The fame of this artistic workshop has reached a global audience. Among their prominent clients were Richard Gere, Steven Seagal, Stefano Gabbana and Giorgio Armani.

Royal Gems & Arts in Jaipur offers a kaleidoscope of finest Rajasthan Heritage. A guided tour inside this 19th Century Haveli is like a trip down the corridors of history. Religion, history, romance, poetry, music and mythology combine in these fascinating, beautiful, excellently preserved decorative frescoes, enhanced by the play of light performed by the beautifully carved sandstones grilles encircling all the windows in the Central Hall (Diwan-I-Khas).

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