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Visionnaire presents ESEDRE by Stefania Pennacchio

Stefania Pennacchio @ Visionnaire

On the occasion of CERSAIE 2015, the ceramic fair held in Bologna from September 28 to October 2, Visionnaire has hosted ESEDRE, an exhibition by Stefania Pennacchio – Expo Ambassador for Fine Arts in the world – in its elegant showroom of Via Farini. It is a serie of experimental Raku pottery which supplements the exhibition “Le vie sacre dell’acqua”, set up in the Civic Aquarium of Milan on occasion of the EXPO MILAN 2015 and dialogues with the latest Visionnaire’s furnishing collection, presented at the last edition of the Salone del Mobile.

In her powerfully evocative sculptures, with antique as well as contemporary references, the artist evokes her Calabrian roots by mixing them with the traditional Japanese baking technique, in combination with timeless and spaceless myths and symbolisms.

Stefania, how did you get started in art and what do you want to express with your artistic works?

“Art is inalienable from the inner oneness of life.
Art occupies our inner spaces and develops in us a kind of special sensitiveness, becoming the key to understanding the world and our relationship with it, the reality and all that we can’t essentially see: spiritual principles, emotions, desires, perceptions of time and space, values and way of thinking. As for me, it comes from poetry that becomes, then, colour in painting and matter with sculpture.
Writing in parallel and in a physiologically complementary way, is my constant unalterable “modus operandi”. My message contains the voice of the eternal feminine, with all its possible plenitude of expression. It is not associable with any academic schemes and appeals to the cultural stratification which inhabits the “blue highway” of the Mediterranian Sea.”

How did the combination between the archaic Mediterranian culture (connected to your origins) and Raku Japanese technique come into the world?

“Technique is a mean of communication, it is an extemporaneus medium used by an artist to express a complex message. It can be a pencil, a brush or a sign on the stone. Of course, my choice has conceptual motivations for using Raku.
Raku comes from my desire to experiment.
The style of this technique has been leaving unknown alchemy in my works for already 25 years of my activity.
Raku is the voice of fire, mystical and divinatory element.
My aesthetic style draws inspiration from an archaic period fitting with this concept. It comes from the finding, on a beach, of a simply beautiful seashell, whose shades of grey accompany its iridescent nacre. From all this comes the decision to inspire my colour research to a similar intensity.”

Where can we admire your artworks? Do you have any faithful collectors?

“I have a studio in Milan and another one in Reggio Calabria. Some of my works are exhibited at Visionnaire in Milan and in Bologna, at the Gallery Jean Blanchaert and at EROICI FURORI, both located in Milan.
Philippe Daverio, Santo Versace, Eva Cantarella are some of my renowned collectors…”

Please, tell us about your collection “ESEDRE” and your cooperation with Visionnaire…

“Esedre comes from the extraordinary artistic sensibility of Marco Morandini and Eleonore Cavalli, who are able to catch and enhance both the aesthetics of my work and its conceptual role, as well as the harmony, in their installations, between their precious creations and my own collection.”

What are your current projects?

“I have many future projects. First of all an exhibition with the ESH gallery of Riccardo Sorani and also a production dedicated to the classical plays at the Greek Theatre of Siracusa.”

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