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A world of books

Few people manage to give up the pleasure of browsing a book.

The unique sensation of turning all the pages one after the other, the scent of ink on paper, the beauty of holding a novel in your hands or that of owning a publication full of images allowed the books to survive the digital revolution. In an age when tablets and ebooks are commonplace, books are still part of everyone’s life. Every day.

Here is a review of bookcases to display your favourite books in style and keep them in time!

Perfect to be positioned in the middle of the room, Cover freestanding by Rimadesio is a double-sided solution designed by Roberto Bavuso.

Quid system by Poliform. Perfect for making a wall in the living room, but also to serve the office corner or sleeping area.

Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, Dalton by Minotti is characterised by solid and load-bearing elements. Like an architecture.

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