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Eurolampart, bright ideas

The care for design, the choice of high-quality raw materials, the attention to detail, the legacy of a centuries-old tasteful tradition, the reliability and ability to meet the needs of customers, architects and designers: these are the cornerstones of Eurolampart, a Tuscan company specialised in the production of lamps.

Founded in 1975 by Mario Scelfo, Eurolampart is today a solid family-run business, which offers chandeliers for all tastes both in Italy and abroad. Customers – private and non-private – are also provided with tailor-made solutions. Over the years, the company has supplied hotels, restaurants and even religious centers.

Eurolampart has an extensive catalogue which includes three lines of chandeliers: classic, contemporary and for children’s rooms.

Chandeliers SVETLANA (Classic collection), ANELLI (Contemporary collection) and FIOCCHI (Children collection) by Eurolampart.

Classic proposals are made of precious materials. These are spectacular chandeliers, designed especially for representative spaces, where Florentine wrought iron is combined with Swarovski or Bohemian crystals, Murano glass, chains and colours.

The lines and materials of the contemporary chandeliers are more experimental and original, while the proposals for the children’s bedroom are delicate and characterised by ribbons and iron bows in soft pastel colors, little angels, little horses, colourful balls.

The sum of inventiveness, attention to detail and adaptability are always a constant of Eurolampart, a company that has made flexibility a style.

Appliques with iron rings, rhinestones and Swarovski crystals; CLARISSA chandelier (Contemporary collection) with wrought iron decorations, Swarovski crystals and flowers by Eurolampart.

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