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The rebirth of Fabrika Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a pearl of the East, one of those cities that you don’t expect. Every street, every corner tells a piece of history of the Georgian capital.

Small streets and colourful houses tell of the people who have always chosen this land as their home, magnificent Orthodox churches and monumental palaces speak of power (ecclesiastical or secular), Art Nouveau buildings smell of wealth and aristocracy, large Plattenbau and reinforced concrete artifacts bring to mind the years when the country was part of the Soviet Union.

Today in Tbilisi you can breathe a new air, made of rebirth and desire to grow, as well as a decisive opening towards tourism. So it happens that even an old textile packaging factory from the communist era is revived as a structure dedicated to tertiary and hospitality.

It’s called Fabrika Tbilisi and it’s the most youth-oriented place in the city. Inside the mammoth building – kept identical in appearance and made only more “human” by some street artist works on the facades – there is a hip-and-chic hotel for backpackers with 35 private rooms and 39 hostel dormitories.

But the hotel is just part of the new Fabrika. The lobby has been transformed into a meeting place for young students and local freelancers, who also meet here to sip a drink at the Cocktails and Dreams bar on the ground floor. The internal courtyard – once used by workers at the beginning and end of the shift – is now a space open to the public and animated by artist’s studios, concept stores of various kinds – even a barber shop – and spaces for co-working.

Fabrika is a place to breathe the contemporary soul of Tbilisi, not to be missed if you plan a weekend here.

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