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Fluo flooring by Paghera


For a very long time Paghera has been focused on the development of creative and innovative synergies with its partners, who are all very attentive to discover and to test new technologies and exclusive products with the aim to be a reference of excellence and of exclusive solutions for its customers.

Paghera knows well that garden is a place where you live mostly with natural light, when flowers express all their scents and colours.
On the contrary during the evening it is the artificial light, which is skilfully distributed and measured, to evoke the main emotions and the greatest charms.
Thanks to this emotional use of light at night plants can turn into variable and dynamic luminous sculptures which, using home automation too, provide new perspectives and visions of one’s garden.
Paghera in its gardens tries to give always a natural and magic aspect to static elements too, such as floorings , using different materials and new techniques with regards to the environment and the style of the customer.

Thanks to the great experience developed over time, this Company has developed different typologies of materials and finishing, easy to be applied and with a low maintenance, such as flooring made of resin gravel.
Resin gravels are ideal for bike and pedestrian paths: actually they are very drainable and can always be customized as for colours and dimensions. In addition to that, they give a natural aspect, not false or artificial, to the whole.

To this end, Paghera decided to study a very elegant way to make use of the fluorescent material in designing gardens, parks and green areas and it resulted a new project/product with an assured impact: Fluo.
On one hand the use of the fluorescent material is actually well -established, on the other results are often at the limit of taste because of exaggeration or of a non-deep knowledge of the chosen material and consequently of the final result.
Recently a very important occasion gave Paghera the chance to test Fluo in an excellent way.

During the preparation of the event for the debut of the new Ferrari 488GTB, which was held at the company offices at Lonato, the aim was to amaze the participants and to create something really new by introducing, inside the resin gravel, an accurate selection of fluorescent stones with different intensity. These vitreous white stones are concealed in the flooring and they recharge taking advantage of solar radiations. When light goes down they start to unleash, for several hours, their charge of magic light.
In order to emphasize the luminous intensity of the fluorescent stones, Paghera is developing the research on lighting bodies with UV lamps which, thanks to an accurate choice of top quality stones, create a unique and more long-lasting scenic design.

During the Ferrari event, the result was so choreographic and intense that all the participants though they were walking on a bed of stars literally.
After this first experience, Paghera is now studying and evaluating new uses of fluorescent materials, progressively offering new solutions and finishing to its customers in order to make their gardens be one of the kind as well as the most beautiful ones.

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