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GREENWOOD for the Fiore di Pietra

Some time ago we already talked about the Fiore di Pietra (Stone Flower), the panoramic mountain restaurant designed by Mario Botta on the top of Monte Generoso in the Canton of Ticino.

It is a spectacular structure built at high altitude and for this reason it must be able to withstand extreme climatic conditions: peak sun, wind, exceptional rain.

For the flooring of all the external terraces, the GreenWood GreenDeck composite wood decking was chosen, produced by Woodn Industries. It is an innovative product, developed with cutting-edge technologies and responds to the growing ecological requirements for low environmental impact. GreenDeck consists of raw wood flour from the first sawdust combined with an environmentally friendly plastic component, which has a protective and waterproofing function. It does not release polluting substances and, at the end of its life cycle, can be 100% recycled or can be used as fuel in waste-to-energy plants. GreenDeck is easy to install: it can be drilled or cut with the normal carpenter’s equipment.

The low level of maintenance required, the low level of water absorption and its high safety standards (non-slip knurling, no splinters) have made GreenDeck the most suitable choice for the outdoors of the Fiore di Pietra. For this installation, the company guarantees perfect resistance to the weight of two metres of snow.

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