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Home Italia welcomes Italian Cinema

Lorena Cacciatore, fine actress with experience in the film business, theatre and television, hides a wise and sensitive soul behind her deep blue eyes.

Born in Palermo in 1987, she left too soon what she considers “the most beautiful city in the world”, to follow her dream. Today, even though her career has taken off, Lorena makes time to dedicate herself to her passion for writing. She did it for charity, participating in the preparation of a book of stories that will be sold to fund the project #everychildismychild. She will do it on the next release of Home Italia Magazine, giving to all our readers a new point of view on the way of living and the topic of beauty. Lorena has a lot to say, everything started after a special meeting during a Roman evening…


How did you meet Luca Valle and where did the idea to collaborate stem from?

Lorena Cacciatori - Credit photo: Riccardo Riande Photographer

Lorena Cacciatore – Credit photo: Riccardo Riande Photographer

“We met a couple of weeks ago at a Telethon gala dinner and a nice harmony arose immediately. We conversed and exchanged views about our work.  A kind of special affinity emerged. I had the opportunity to speak with a person I had just met as if we had been friends for a long time! As we were chatting, I told him about my love for writing and that I have written some theatrical monologues and a fairytale to support the project #everychildismychild. So, I told him I was fascinated by the possibility to make a contribution to the magazine, starting from my work and background. What may be the way an actress narrates a house? This is the question I asked myself and which I will try to answer to.”


On the film set, you often act inside households and home interiors. How does the harmony with the ambience arise and how can you feel it yours?

“It’s a complex thing! I played different roles, from the problematic eighteen-years-old girl in the film L’amore imperfetto with Anna Foglietta, where I used to live at my separated parents’ home set in an adolescent environment, to a cocaine addicted heiress in the series Baciato dal sole inside a dissolute context. Facing the places which are linked to the character’s life but have nothing to do with you, is a very intricate aspect of an actress’s job. Certainly, studying is useful – I attended the Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica Silvio d’Amico and different classes in the USA, including the Actor Studio – but schools do not give an unambiguous solution. Not only do they provide emotional tools which enable the actor to find within himself the way to fit into the character’s psychology, put himself into their shoes, but also to live in their space. There is not a single method, every professional does it in a different way. An interesting exercise I had to do with the “American method” consisted in letting the character move around his room, interacting with objects and fulfilling simple actions, such as resting or brushing hair. Technique and  preparation are useful, but every actor needs to find something within himself”.


You are often on tour and, frequently, you travel for work. What kind of relation do you have with your home?

“I am not tied to a city, I could live anywhere. After leaving Palermo and all my loved ones, now I can say I could live in any place. I am not even tied to a house in the sense of apartment –I moved eight times just over the last year- but I love rebuilding my space with my things wherever I go. For this reason, I always carry my furniture to get the “Lolò’s room” everywhere. It’s not about valuables, but I need them around me to make me feel at home. It’s my safe place, I can’t stand not having them.”


What are you doing currently and what are your future projects?

“The sitcom Sirene is on air on Rai Uno, every Thursday on prime time. Over the next few days, it will be possible to follow me in an episode of L’Ispettore Coliandro. I don’t know the time precisely, but the third series of Non Uccidere with Miriam Leone is upcoming; another project I took part in with joy. Finally, from January, I will be the protagonist of Tamerlano il Grande at the Stabile Theatre of Palermo, directed by Luigi Lo Cascio.”

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