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HOMI Milano 2016


Scheduled at Fiera Milano from 16 to 19 September 2016, HOMI has confirmed its reputation as an incubator of quality and new development opportunities for Italian enterprise, a container for high value projects to lay the bases for real opportunities toward developing companies that invest in design as drivers for progress and research.

Edition after edition, the exhibition has brought to the fore the many regional traditions of fine Italian artisanship, key concepts toward affirming new styles, never neglecting the local origins of unique techniques and production qualities.

A new and dynamic journey through 10 satellites that define the shopping experience of tomorrow, providing for greater business opportunities with new chances for exhibitors and buyers to meet.

A synthesis of pure design. A roundup of authentic “Made in Italy”, pieces manufactured and offered by the most important Italian brands. This is HOMI, Fiera Milano’s big project dedicated to people and lifestyles. A new idea of a trade show that revolves completely around the individual. It explores people’s needs, spaces and habits and brings these things together in one “home”.

The project takes shape via its name: HOMI. It is simple, intuitive and full of meaning. Where the “O” makes reference to the symbolic circle around people and their worlds and the “MI” pays homage to the city of Milan.

10 satellites describing 10 visions of the latest trends in the home and lifestyle sector thus making any visit to the exhibition an enriching, satisfying experience:

Living Habits (kitchen & dining, furnishing and complements, lighting design)

Home Wellness  (bathroom, wellness, sports and relax)

Fragrances & Personal Care  (home & personal fragrances)

Fashion & Jewels  (accessories, jewerly and clothing)

Gift & Events  (gifts, events, merchandising and licensing)

Garden & Outdoor  (systems, furnishings and accessories for the outdoor setting, gardening, pet accessories)

Kid Style  (furnishings & complements, fashion & accessories under 14)

Home Textiles  (textiles, homeware and organizers)

Hobby & Work  (hobbies, travel, music and work)

Concept Lab  (concept design companies, editors and contract)

Each satellite, in keeping with HOMI’s new image, offers dedicated services to exhibitors and visitors alike, for business, networking, socialising or relaxation. Graphic, digital and multimedia communication guides visitors around, based on a fluid concept, designed for the ideal store and for the worlds which revolve around people.

The most interesting area in this edition is Dream-Desire-Design (DDD), a space dedicated to creative talents in international design which will play host to a selection of the best new products created and produced in nine international countries.

Another important piece of news is HOMI Smart, a project that turns attention to the area of new technology merged with design: an incubator of ideas as well as, most importantly, a place to find answers and solutions. Produced in association with IDLAb, HOMI Smart tackles the world of design 2.0 to identify the trends that bring innovative technologies together with sharp new opportunities to add value to objects and research accessories.

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