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MINA presents Innesto

Expertise and know-how blend together to shape the material

From passion and experience in shaping the material comes alive INNESTO. This project combines craftsmanship with industrial production united by desire of beauty and intuition in designing original and unusual solutions for the bathroom.

With INNESTO, Mina’s stainless steel taps meet “cocciopesto”: mixers come up with original coatings to match with bowls and washbasins made of the same material.

Taste for experimentation and trends tells the essence of Mina, a family business capable of making bold choices and unusual proposals derived from the endless possibilities of their vision.

The key of the project is “cocciopesto”: resistant, durable, moreover incredibly adaptable. This technique has been inherited from the ancient Romans that grew and developed it over time while retaining the traditional characteristics. The basic component, obtained from a mixture of slaked lime, sand and pozzolan, is artfully enriched with clays, oxides and mineral powders in order to produce a variety of colors and finishes.

A series of unique and unusual items. INNESTO is a “graft” of infinite possibilities.

MINA: 100% stainless steel. A unique and forward-looking range of bathroom taps with excellent design and manufacturing.

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